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What are the different UV wavelengths?

Not all UV wavelengths are created equal. Only UV-C, a short wave UV frequency has been proven to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. It’s been commonly used for decades in hospitals settings, food processing plants, and now more regularly in homes to reduce the spread of harmful pathogens.

What are the top 3 factors to consider before purchasing a UV-C device?

Health and safety should be our priority in this time of crisis. Germs are frequently found on objects and surfaces that can be passed around. You can prevent the spread of infection and disease in your home and workplace by using UV-C sanitizers. We recommend 3 factors to consider when purchasing a UV-C sanitizer.

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Is UV-C sanitization safe and effective?

UV-C devices can only cause irritation to people if exposed directly to the skin or eyes for excessive, long-term exposure. However, with the proper precautions used, there are no residual effects. UV-C is the same technology used by hospitals, food processors, and manufacturers to maintain a controlled bacteria free environment without the use of chemicals, and you should too!

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"I'm what you would consider a person with a high-risk health condition. Lately, there's been so much focus on sanitization and I watched a news segment on UV-C sanitizer. I wanted to get one for me and my wife but had no idea what brand was reliable. I'm glad I found you guys. I even called the laboratories where you guys claimed to have done the studies and it checked out. I'm glad I found a reputable online store"


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